About me

After more than ten years experience teaching, and training engineers allaround the world, I decided to make my own business, in order to insure the best service to my customers.

After six years spent in Steel-Projects – Ficep group, then in Cimolai plant, I could get strong competencies on different jobs of metallic construction, in an international context, and more specifically on developping CNC machines post-processors.
Now partner with Alma company in Russia, I can provide you services as development of post-processors, specific interfaces to your ERP software, and remotely support.

Today, I can provide the following services:

  • Install and configuration of softwares
  • Develop specific post-processors and interfaces
  • Training engineers on softwares, and methods to optimise production
  • Support, and remotely troubleshooting
  • Develop specific Visual C++ and Labview softwares
  • Examples of recently developped softwares :
    Explode electro-welded beams, taking in account welding parameters (C++).
    Software for production planning – Waltefaugle – France (PHP/JScript)

Main values are :

Integrity: I may conduct my business fairly, with honesty and transparency with my partners and customers.

Excellence: Delivering Excellence In Production & Service.Any of my customers could attest of my serious, and professional skills. I never let a work unfinished.

Partnership: Understand my customers needs, and together with my partners, try to find the best solution for them, building strong relationships based on trust, understanding and mutual cooperation both with customers and partners.

Flexibility: If you need to get a solution for your workshop keeping working your actual software for some modules, it is also a possibility, my partners are open minded, and any link to/from their softwares is possible.

For more details, please contact me : siegfried@vega.pro