VEGA Production Management

Solutions for metallic sector Industries

VEGA PM offers software solutions, in order to answer to different problematics met in metal construction, in order to optimize production.


V-STEEL is a production management software. It was developed in order to optimize the workload of personnel for companies in the metal sector. It has been developped in order to meet the various logistics and production flow problems existing in the industries,providing users a great flexibility in production management.

V-STEEL optimizes all production processes, it is compatible with any digitally controlled machine, and allows real-time monitoring of all production flows. 

Finally, V-STEEL allows you to keep your existing software for inventory management. Thanks to its universal V-STOCK interface, it is possible to connect any stock management software at low cost.

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Installation and Settings

Softwares Installation and settings 


Training of Engineers on software and production optimization methods

Support and troubleshooting

We provide support to all our customers with maintenance of our Software.
An online ticket system with personalized tracking is also available.

Specific developments

In some cases, our customers need interfaces that meet specific needs.
Our company VEGA create custom interfaces, exclusively or not.