Vega PM

Solutions for metallic sector Industries

VEGA PM offers software solutions, in order to answer to different problematics met in metal construction, in order to optimize production.


Today the company, provides its customers with the following services :


and softwares settings


of specific post-processors and interfaces


of Engineers on production optimization methods


and training of Engineers on  V-STEEL and Act/Cut


of specific softwares ( langages C#, PHP/JavaScript )

Representative of Alma

Alma - Russia


Examples of recently developed applications :


Dévelopment of V-STEEL solution

Planning management software

Planning management software – Waltefaugle - France (PHP / JScript)

About Us

The VEGA PM company was created in 2020 by Siegfried VEGA.

Graduated in microelectronic engineering at the Faculty" Montpellier II " in 2007, he immediately took care of developing post-processors and training engineers to use software for the company Steel Projects, a company that is part of the Ficep Spa Group.

Following this experience, he joined the Cimolai Spa group for a project to create a plant in the Chelyabinsk region (Russia), in partnership with the Konar group.
He first took charge of the technical office as head of the nesting office, then added the role as head of the machinery fleet of the production plant.

He then moved to the group as head of production monitoring for various projects, including the "Lakhta" Tower in St. Petersburg (24,000 tons) and the Volgograd stadium (5,000 tons)
The experience acquired in this period and due to the complexity of the projects mentioned above, has enabled him to face and solve any kind of problems just in time starting from the orders of the raw material to the shipment of the finished product.

During this period, the company JVKonar/Cimolai acquired a production management software, but unfortunately from the outset it was slow and did not meet the expected expectations.
In particular the company needed many functions that unfortunately were not available, on the other hand the software was too rigid and did not allow the required flexibility.
Following this failure by the software publisher, and already having a solid experience on the various existing software in this sector, Siegfried VEGA decided to create his own solution, in order to be able to respond to the different problems of the sector.

In 2016, the V-STEEL project began to take its first steps.

Company Values


Above all, we want to conduct our business in an honest and transparent manner both with our partners and with our customers.


Deliver excellence in both development and Service. All our customers can testify to our seriousness, as well as our professional skills. We never leave our customers without a final solution.


Understand the needs of customers, and in collaboration with our partners, find the solution best suited to their needs, building a strong relationship based on trust, understanding and mutual cooperation, both with partners and our customers.


If you need a specific solution for your workshop / factory, while keeping your software for part of your production, we can always find a possibility. Our partners are flexible, and any link to / from their software is possible.